AC Milan parting ways with Maldini with immediate effect.

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AC Milan has parted ways with director Paolo Maldini with immediate effect. After the concept does not match the team owner.

Italian media reported that a key reason Maldini had to pack up was. Because of a different vision from club owner Jerry Cardinale following a tense meeting on Monday.

In addition to Maldini, co-director Ricky Massara. Considered to be Maldini’s right-hand man will also leave the club UFABET 

The departure of Maldini and Massara marked a major change in the board of directors. “Red-Black Devils” because in the past both of them were mainly responsible for contract extensions and player transfers.

For Paolo Maldini, he is considered a club legend from playing with only one team throughout his career. Before taking the position of director of the club since 2018. 

“However We are following the model we are building. At least for Italy in running a club. That makes us consider all our activities as colleagues. We work together as a team.”

“It is a corporate model that our core shareholders take very seriously. Let’s not forget that he is an accomplished sports expert in his work. So when he suggests something We are therefore paying close attention as he brings innovation.”

“We have the feeling that Paolo is uncomfortable with this organization. So when someone feels bad The best solution is to separate.”