Mitrovic miss helping Fulham open their Premier League

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Mitrovic missed helping Fulham open their Premier League home game against Manchester United ahead of the World Cup.

Fulham striker Aleksandra Mitrovic will miss the Premier League final pre World Cup clash with Manchester United in order to get fit in time for the World Cup Qatar.

The 28-year-old striker has name in the Serbia national team. Go through the World Cup final for sure. However, the Fulham striker has plag by a disturbing injury to his foot that has identifie as having fractures. And he continued to play all along. And the players will be able to rest in this game to be as ready as possible before this long journey.

“Mitrovic will not name for Sunday’s game. We haven’t changed much from the last game. Except for some people who risk getting bann. If they get another yellow card,” Fulham boss Marco Silva said.

Mitrovic is in hot form this season. By playing in the Premier League for 12 games, making a total of 9 goals with the Serbian national team They join the group in the G line with Brazil, Switzerland and Cameroon.

The Serbian has six assists and has led his club to the top of the crowd by eight points clear of second-placed Blackburn and playing one game less. He also scored eight goals for the national team in World Cup qualifiers last year to help them face Qatar in a play-off draw over Portugal.

However, Mitrovic seems to have a bit of a problem when playing in the Premier League. Because from his birth in the Belgian league until sign by Newcastle for a fee of 13 million pounds. He has only scored so few goals. The agency fell to play in the Championship that same year.