Ruben Dias the champion in the season.

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Ruben Dias the Manchester City defender said that the team showed toughness and strength to win two trophies in the 2022-23 season. So the challenge should be skipped in pursuit of a third success like the Champions League to avoid lingering issues more.

City sign Ruben Dias from Benfica in the summer of 2020 to help them sweep the league title for the third straight year. And his 2-1 FA Cup win over Manchester United was his first. 

For this reason, the Portuguese footballers are far-sighted to triple champions. If Inter Milan can be defeated in the final of the Champions League (June 10), as a modern powerhouse. UFABET 

“It’s very special this season we’ve already won two trophies. The FA Cup and the English Premier League. It was a very special feeling.” Opening his mouth to ‘City TV’

“Since I’ve been playing in England, winning the FA Cup is something I haven’t touched. So when I can do it, it feels special. It means a lot to all of us, the club, the fans, everyone involved. 

“Personally, having watch a program, a movie set or a movie related to the FA Cup in my heart. I told myself that if I competed, I had to win the championship once. When it was successful, I was very pleased.”

“Next to the final in Istanbul. It’s a special matter. Gotta be totally committed to it. Then I have a whole week to think about it and do my homework.” 

“It must be a really difficult game. when it was called the final always different from normal I have to do my best to be as ready as possible.”  

Asian handicap Manchester City per half-half -5, total score of two half-three -10